Embracing the Spirit of Giving at Rumah Kebajikan Anbu


Creating Smiles and Touching Lives

Rumah Kebajikan Anbu serves as a sanctuary for underprivileged individuals, providing shelter, sustenance, and care for those who are in need. Recognising the importance of supporting such organisations, Dr Chong Clinic organised a team of enthusiastic staff to make a difference in the lives of the shelter’s residents.

Donation Drive

Dr Chong Clinic organised a donation drive to collect essential items and supplies for the residents of Rumah Kebajikan Anbu. All the staff rallied together, contributing generously to the cause. Basic necessities such as food, clothing, toiletries, and household essentials were collected and handed over to the shelter, helping to alleviate some of the burdens faced by the residents.

Spreading Joy and Laughter

In addition to the donation, Dr Chong Clinic brought a touch of joy and laughter to the residents of Rumah Kebajikan Anbu. The staff organised engaging activities, including games, performances, and interactive sessions that brought smiles to the faces of everyone present. The event fostered a sense of camaraderie and created lasting memories for both the team and the shelter’s residents.

Continuing the Commitment

The visit to Rumah Kebajikan Anbu was not a one-time effort for Dr Chong Clinic. It served as a reminder of the clinic’s ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility. The experience reinforced the importance of giving back to the community and inspired the staff to continue their efforts in making a positive impact on society.

The visit of Dr Chong Clinic to Rumah Kebajikan Anbu on December 15, 2022, showcased our unwavering dedication to corporate social responsibility. Through the provision of the donation drive, the team aimed to make a lasting difference in the lives of the shelter’s residents. By embracing the spirit of giving, Dr Chong Clinic exemplifies the positive influence that businesses can have on their communities.